TokenPocket Wallet Tutorial

The following is a tutorial on wallet creation and asset import. If you already have a wallet and have completed asset transfer, please skip the following content and directly participate in the project.

The following is an example of creating a wallet on HECO, the process is similar for BSC and ETH.

1. Create a wallet

  • Download wallet APP

TokenPocket wallet download link:

  • Choose to create a wallet; select Huobi as the wallet system; create a wallet

  • Set the wallet name and password to create a wallet; backup the mnemonic and verify. After successful verification, the wallet is created.

  • Select the Wallet to be connected.

2. Withdraw Heco chain assets to your wallet

  • Add tokens, select Heco tokens and add them

The contract addresses of various currencies are as follows:

HT: 0x5545153ccfca01fbd7dd11c0b23ba694d9509a6f

HUSD: 0x0298c2b32eae4da002a15f36fdf7615bea3da047

HBTC: 0x66a79d23e58475d2738179ca52cd0b41d73f0bea

ETH: 0x64ff637fb478863b7468bc97d30a5bf3a428a1fd

HFIL: 0xae3a768f9ab104c69a7cd6041fe16ffa235d1810

HDOT: 0xa2c49cee16a5e5bdefde931107dc1fae9f7773e3

QTUM: 0xc036fb5687a8c0ab438faa5c744b55fd705a0c56

LHP: 0xe499ef4616993730ced0f31fa2703b92b50bb536

USDT: 0xa71edc38d189767582c38a3145b5873052c3e47a

HLTC: 0xecb56cf772b5c9a6907fb7d32387da2fcbfb63b4


  • Transfer assets to your wallet

Users are free to choose the corresponding assets and withdraw Heco chain tokens to their wallets.

Copy and paste the wallet address into the withdrawal address field on Heco.

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