CoinWind Announces Its Official Participation in HECO Global Node Election

Dear CoinWind Users,

On June 10th, HECO global node election officially started the user voting stage. The DeFi smart financial platform CoinWind has become the first batch of candidate nodes for HECO's global node, and the voting stage will be started today.

Users can vote for HECO global nodes through a unified page link, and participate in the global node election of the HECO chain through HT voting. Users can vote for candidates by staking HT, staking HT (HECO) to the HECO address designated by the node, 1 HT represents 1 vote, and can only vote for one candidate. The top 11 node candidates with votes will become the master node, and the 12-21 node candidates will become the back-up nodes.

⏰Voting start time:

June 10, 19:00

🔗Vote link:

❗️Voting method:

Stake HT to the HECO address designated by the node to participate in the vote, 1 HT represents 1 vote, and can only vote for 1 candidate

👉🏻PC version voting tutorial

👉🏻Mobile voting tutorial (only supports Huobi Wallet)

🕰Voting and income statistics:

The system takes snapshots of user assets every 6 hours, and rewards will be issued after the end of the voting period.


Voting users will also enjoy the node's revenue share, come and vote for CoinWind!

CoinWind team

June 10, 2021

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