CoinWind Will Launch on Ethereum and Will Host a $30,000 COW Giveaway with CoinMarketCap

Dear CoinWind Users,

CoinWind has launched on HECO and BSC, and we are excited to announce that CoinWind will launch on Ethereum on July 20th at 8 PM (SGT).

In order to celebrate this, CoinWind will host a $30,000 COW giveaway on CoinMarketCap, complete tasks will win with COW rewards. 1,000 winners will be selected to share the total reward pool. Please follow CoinWind Twitter ( for more details.

CoinWind X CoinMarketCap Giveaway Tasks

1.Add CoinWind as Watchlist on CoinMarketCap

2.Follow CoinWind Twitter:

3.Join CoinWind Telegram group:

4.Follow CoinWind Telegram Channel:

5.Retweet CoinWind Pin Message:

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CoinWind Team

July 20th, 2021

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