BitKeep Wallet Tutorial

The following is a tutorial on wallet creation and asset import, if you already have The following is a tutorial on wallet creation and asset import. If you already have a wallet and have completed asset transfer, please skip the following content and directly participate in the project.

The following is an example of creating a wallet on HECO, the process is the same for BSC and ETH.

1. Create a wallet

  • Download BitKeep Wallet APP

Download link:

Opinion 1: choose to create a new wallet

When downloading the App for the first time, select Create Wallet.

  • Back up the mnemonic, enter the transaction password twice and verify it

Opinion 2: choose to import wallet

  • Choose to import wallet, import the mnemonic or scan the code to connect the wallet

2. Deposit HECO chain assets to the wallet

  • Add tokens

Add tokens enter the name of the token to search, click to add

  • Transfer Heco chain assets to the wallet

Add tokens, enter the name of the added tokens to search, and click to add

  • Deposit Assets

Users can freely choose the corresponding assets by withdrawing relevant tokens of the BEP20 (BSC) network from Binance to the wallet. The transaction password is required to check the receiving address for the first time, and it is not necessary to check the address for the first time.


1. You need to prepare a small amount of HT in your wallet in advance to pay gas fee generated by the transaction. Generally 1-2 HT is enough.

2. When withdrawing from Huobi, you must choose Heco chain.

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