CoinWind Will Launch DAO at 6 PM, August 2nd SGT

Dear CoinWind Users,

At 6 PM, August 2nd (SGT), the DeFi smart financial platform, CoinWind, will launch the DAO feature.

At this stage, DAO governance includes two parts: Lock-up Dividends and Repurchase & Destruction.

Lock-up Dividends

Introduction: Hold COW tokens to enjoy the platform income dividend, and jointly govern the platform ecosystem.

Rules: The platform will add daily income, appearance fee,s and other funds into the dividend pool with a certain proportion, and users can obtain platform dividend income by participating in single token and LP minings.

The lock-up dividend pools are as follows:

BSC Chain: COW single token pool; COW-USDT LP pool

HECO Chain: COW single token pool; COW-USDT LP pool

Note: The pools opened for this phase are not locked, and users can withdraw at any time. If the withdrawal rules are not met, CoinWind will charge a certain amount of principal as an exit fee. The exit fee will be invested in the dividend pool and the repurchase pool according to a certain proportion.

Repurchase & Destruction

Introduction: CoinWind will repurchase and destroy platform Token-COW to reduce the total supply of COW.


1. When the real-time COW token price (take the lowest cow price under multiple chains) is lower than the 72-hour average COW price (multiple chains), the smart contract will be triggered for repurchase and destruction. If the trigger conditions are not met, the funds will enter the fund pool and be repurchased.

2. If users’ exit fee is COW, those COW tokens will be destroyed directly. If the users’ exit fee is not COW, this part of the exit fee will enter the fund pool for repurchasing COW.

CoinWind will release the destruction record of each repurchase, and related information can be found on CoinWind's official website.

In the future, CoinWind will add a governance voting function for all COW holders through DAO, so stay tuned!

CoinWind is a DeFi intelligent financial platform that automatically matches the staking tokens through contracts and cooperates with the strategy of hedging impermanent losses to maximize users’ incomes, effectively solving the risks of low single token mining low income and LP pledge impermanent loss issues.

CoinWind aims to build a DeFi digital asset bank, launching products that contain high-yield and security mining to achieve higher returns for users. CoinWind’s product will effectively reduce the impermanent loss in liquidity mining through a combination strategy.

CoinWind Team

August 2nd, 2021

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