CoinWind Becomes the First IMO Project on MDEX (HECO&BSC)

Dear CoinWind Users,

CoinWind became the first IMO project of MDEX (HECO&BSC). The event will start at 8 PM May 25 and end at 10 PM May 25 (SGT) .

What is IMO

IMO (Initial Mdex Offering), based on MDEX's decentralized initial online exchange mechanism, IMO V1 will implement the basic open exchange function (excess type) to provide sufficient liquidity for the project while allowing users to participate more fairly.

IMO Details:

Start time: May 25th 20:00 (SGT)

End time: May 25 at 22:00 (SGT)


🎈HECO Chain

MDX single token quota: 750,000 COW

MDX-WHT LP quota of 750,000 COW

🎈BSC Chain

MDX single token quota: 750,000 COW

MDX-WBNB LP quota: 750,000 COW

A total of 3 million COW


We are divided into two pools: a single token pool and LP pool for raising. Both pools adopt the method of “super-raising pool". LPs formed by users are put into the IMO pool, and the final amount of IMO tokens obtained is based on the number of [users]. The amount of deposits will be distributed as a percentage of the total amount of deposits in the pool.

Users can apply for the exchange share in the specified time period. After the exchange is completed, the tokens will be allocated according to the exchange ratio. The funds remaining after deducting the exchange quota will be returned to the original address. Users can use MDX or MDEX platform LP to participate in the exchange.

💥Link:, there will be a separate imo pool on the 25th mdex

🌟MDEX IMO Tutorial:

1. Enter the redemption page to buy MDX, HT, BNB

2. After the exchange is completed, enter the fund pool MDX/HT, MDX/BNB to add liquidity.

3. When the sale officially starts, enter to stake the LP to obtain the corresponding new tokens

4. After the sale ends, you can CLAIM your own IMO tokens and LPs that have not won the lottery

🌟General Tutorial

🌟What Token to Use To Exchange:

Single Token Pool: MDX (both BSC HECO)


CoinWind team

May 25, 2021

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