CoinWind Has Airdropped 500,000 COW Tokens to Early Participants

Dear CoinWind Users,

In order to thank the old users for their trust and support for CoinWind, the DeFi intelligent financial platform CoinWind will airdrop 500,000 COW to early participating users. The airdrop rules are as follows:

🐮 Airdrop Quantity: 500,000 COW

🐮 Airdrop Time: May 27, 20:00-June 3, 20:00

🐮Airdrop Collection Method: CoinWind ( will have a special collection page at that time, you can collect it by yourself

🐮Valid Address:

Before 20:00 on May 19th, users who participated in the CoinWind V2 single token mining and the accumulated income of the wallet address was greater than or equal to 50 MDX.

🐮Reward Rules:

1. Each eligible address can get 10 COW

2. The total number of airdrops is 500,000. After deducting the total amount of airdrops, the remaining COW will be divided according to the proportion of the total amount of MDX income of the address and all addresses. That is, the longer the pledge time on CoinWind, the greater the contribution to TVL, the more MDX will be earned, and the more airdrops will be obtained.

Thank you again for your support!

CoinWind team

May 27, 2021

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