1. Yield calculation

The returns of single token staking and LP mining are settled in MDX and COW.

Take BSC and HECO as examples

The APY for single token staking on BSC exceeds 200%, and the figure on is over 150%.

You can check the detailed revenue of the corresponding tokens on our official website.

2. Is the return MDX standard or USDT standard?

USDT standard. CoinWind will calculate the USDT amount based on the swap rate of MDX and COW. After that, the return and principal are calculated to generate the yield rate.

3. What factors affect the yield?

The yield is impacted by the token price, the staking amount in MDEX liquidity pool as well as the output of MDX and COW.

  1. When all other factors remain unchanged, take the example of single token MDX for example. When the MDX price drops, the yield will decrease; when MDX revenue in USDT (including the MDX generated bin the latest mining) is less than the value of MDX revenue in USDT in previous transaction, the yield rate decreases.

  2. Similarly, both the amount of stakings in MDEX liquidity pool and the MDX output will affect the latest MDX returns in USDT standard and the yield rate.

  3. The yield calculation includes the generated income, which has no direct bearing with the actual income obtained by the user; the same applies to the MDX and COW income received by the user.

4. Why the yield rates on different chains vary greatly?

  1. MDX price is different on different chains.

  2. MDEX has different LP pool yields on different chains. For example, the MDX/USDT yield of MDEX on HECO is 125%, while the number on BSC is 325%. The same token pairs have different yields on different chains, which is reason for different yield rates.

5. Do I need to transfer my assets to the one with the highest yielding rate?

You need to make the analysis by yourself according to your personal situation. Take BSC and HECO as an example.

  1. Although the return on BSC is high, the gas fee is also higher. If you have small capital or often farm and sell, HECO is more suitable.

  2. For users who frequently farm and sell, it is recommended to click the question mark next to the rate of return to compare different incomes under the single and compound interests on the two chains. To earn the benefits of compound interest part needs time.

6. Why is the revenue falling fast when a new version or a new token is live?

When a new version/new token is listed, there will be a funding phase, at which time the income is still unstable.

7. Why is the yield rate lower than yesterday?

Take MDX single token as an example. The situation is the same for MDX and COW multi-token.

1. The price of MDX falls compared with yesterday.

2. MDEX allocates a fixed amount of rewards to the pool every day. The tokens in the MDEX yesterday increased, which made the MDX rewards for each token type less.

3. If the market volatile is severe, it will trigger our protective strategy, which lead to lower yield rate. The reward will increase when the market recovers.

8. Can I choose the precise withdraw amount?

The income can only be fully withdrawn. Thus, you can not choose a precise amount to be withdrawn.

9. Why is the original income is 0 after I deposited funds?

Each of your deposit and withdrawal operation will trigger a contract to transfer your unclaimed earnings to your wallet. Please log in to the wallet to check.

10. Why can't the income be displayed after transferring funds?

There may be a problem with the node using the wallet. To solve the problem, you can try the following methods:

i. Switch the wallet node "TP wallet: [My]---[System Settings]---[Node Settings]"

ii. Try another wallet

Please confirm that you deposit your assets by "depositing" in CoinWind. If you transfer funds directly to the contract address, it is equivalent to burning and the funds cannot be retrieved.

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