I. About CoinWind

What is CoinWind?

CoinWind is a DeFi financial platform for smart mining.

Single-token staking without impermanent loss

CoinWind automatically pairs staked tokens and integrates hedge strategies against impermanent loss through a smart contract to maximize user revenue. While at the same time it also effectively solves the problems of low single-token mining revenue, high impermanent loss for LP mining, etc..

LP staking mining

LP staking mining is a high-yield product provided by CoinWind for liquidity mining users.

Liquidity Pool (LP) mining is a high-yield product provided by CoinWind. Users can provide the liquidity of a token pair in the corresponding DEX. The DEX issues LP Token to the user. Then, the user can deposit their LP Tokens into CoinWind corresponding project to obtain revenue, and the generated revenue will be reinvested every 5–10 minutes to bring users higher revenues.

LP staking mining advantages

  • Fast and simple

The contract automatically reinvests on a regular basis according to the strategy suggested, thereby simplifying operations for users. Transaction fees generated by reinvestment will be paid by the platform, saving the user's expenditure (the low cost is the most obvious for the BNB project on BSC);

  • The income from deposit and withdrawal is automatically collected, and the compound interest income will be higher;

  • Single token revenues avoid impermanent loss.

For questions related to using CoinWind, please see the FAQ page.

CoinWind mission

CoinWind is dedicated to building a DeFi cryptoasset bank that offers products of high yield and high security. By gathering different tokens deposited into different pools, and then strategically mobilizing funds from a certain token pool to participate in different liquidity mining, CoinWind products will effectively reduce impermanent losses prevalent in liquidity mining.

CoinWind cross-chain function

Currently it supports mining on HECO, BSC and ETH mainnets and it will support more main chain ecologies such as OEC(OKExChain) in the future.

For more information

CoinWind official website: https://www.coinwind.pro

For questions related to using CoinWind, please check our FAQ page.

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