CoinWind Launched COW Mining Pools, Please Migrate From MDX Pools As Soon As Possible

Dear CoinWind Users:

CoinWind launched the COW strategy on May 25 which we can stake one single token to get MDX+COW as income. You can go to MDX pools to view the original investment assets.

Available COW Pools

Available HECO Chain single token minings: MDX, USDT, HUSD, HBTC, ETH, WHT, HFIL

Available BSC Chain single token minings: MDX, USDT, BUSD, WBNB, HBTC, ETH, FIL, CAKE, DOT, USDC

How to transfer from MDX strategy to COW strategy:

1. Withdraw the corresponding token in the MDX strategy

2. Deposit the token you want to stake in the COW strategy

COW strategy migration can be easily completed in two steps, switch to COW strategy to get higher profits!

CoinWind Team

June 23rd, 2021

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