CoinWind Will Launch Version 2.0 at 8 PM April 19th(SGT)

Dear CoinWind Users,

At 8 PM, April 19th (SGT), the DeFi smart financial platform CoinWind will launch version 2.0.

This time, version 2.0 has fully optimized the page UI and added new functions such as home page display, multi-dimensional data statistics, and product recommendation zone. It is understood that CoinWind is a DeFi intelligent financial platform that automatically matches the pledged tokens through the contract, and cooperates with the hedging strategy of impermanence to maximize all users; income, effectively solving single token mining low income and impermanence loss problems.

The CoinWind reinvestment strategy can invest the income generated by the pledge into high-yield projects, and the new income generated will be reinvested again, which can improve the efficient use of income funds and reduce the funds brought by the users’ manual reinvestment operation (such as save gas fee and time).

CoinWind team

April 19, 2021

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